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We offer incentives to customers that involve sharing of Personal Information with us. The Personal Information collected and retained by Jewelclues LLC (“Jewelclues”) in operating these programs is described in our Privacy Policy, and includes your name and contact details, your date of birth information, your payment information, your contact history with us, your purchase and product feedback history, additional details about you, information about your device type and how you use our website, your public reviews and blog comments and inferences from data and other personal information we may collect in connection with your interaction with our service and/or participation in any of our promotional programs.

Benefits provided through our promotional programs may be deemed a “financial incentive” (e.g., promotional goods) and/or “differential services” (e.g., discounts, coupons, other promotions) under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). We currently offer the following promotional programs in connection with the collection and retention of Personal Information: 

  • Program: We offer rewards to customers participating in VIP Rewards, consistent with our Reward Terms and Conditions above. Participants in VIP Reward receive promotional offers, including discounts, coupons and opportunities to participate in other promotional opportunities. You can subscribe to Love Reward by logging into your existing account or, if you do not already have an account, registering for an account on
  • Surveys: You may also be offered the opportunity to participate in a survey. Participation in the survey may result in Jewelclues collecting additional information from you, including your preferences, experiences, beliefs, opinions, and responses to the survey questions. In exchange for your participation in the survey, you may be offered a financial incentive, as described above.
  • Limited-Time Promotions: From time to time, we may offer incentives limited to a specific time period, or time limited sweepstakes, contests and other promotions. Participation in a limited-time offer or promotion is governed by the applicable terms and conditions for the program, which will also describe any financial incentives associated with the promotion.
  • Discounts: We also from time to time offer discounts connected to customer’s submission of their email address, phone number or other personal information. You can always opt out of our marketing emails or SMS messaging at any time.

For CCPA purposes, we treat the value of your Personal Information collected through our promotional programs as equivalent to our total program expenses (excluding the value of benefits). The value of each program is the value of the program benefits, including discounts and coupons, the value of which will depend on individual customer participation. By participating in our promotional programs, you agree that the benefits are reasonably related to the value of the Personal Information collected and retained.

Participation in our promotional programs is always optional, and you can terminate program participation at any time as explained in applicable program terms. You can also contact us at to unsubscribe or cancel your participation.